Site Surveys

The activity of Site Surveys is the basis for making the appropriate recommendation as to the correct Backflow Prevention device for a particular facility.

Generally, when new water service is applied for at the local water authority there will be a questionnaire designed to determine how the water will be used within the facility.

This proposed use information will be used to directly determine the level of Backflow Prevention required.

The water authority will require this level of protection at the meter.

This will protect the public water supply however, generally speaking, the plumbing design engineer would specify a series of measures designed to protect the internal water supply; protecting potable water from any water used in that industry-specific process.

An example of this would be keeping water used in a chemical vat from being able to contaminate water at the water fountain or sinks.

Water utilities in South Carolina strive to produce and deliver clean, fresh drinking water to all its customers via the water distribution system.

Water utilities work with their customers through mutual cooperation to protect the public water supply we all rely on each and every day by way of a strong Cross-Connection Control program also known as Backflow prevention.

We also have a part to do in protecting our public water supply, and by working with our water utilities in this regard we can drastically reduce the risks associated with unprotected cross connections which threaten not only the quality of our shared water supply but also the health of our community.

Our technicians here at Carolina Backflow Specialties, Inc. are committed to the task of identifying and eliminating cross connections through our daily work of inspections, testing, and maintenance of Backflow prevention devices.

We are just a phone call away to help you make sense of what can be a confusing matter.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Jeremy Williamson
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I'm very glad I found this company. We needed to get a backflow test per the water company, so I checked a few companies and they had the best price by far. Everyone I talked to was extremely nice and professional. The technician pointed out that we might need service next year but did not pressure me whatsoever to do anything now (even though he easily could have), so I appreciated that. With such a good price, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they also file the paperwork with the city. Needless to say, I highly recommend them!
Paul S
Forest Acres
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11 out of 10: These folks helped our family when we had been without water for a few days. After calling a couple companies that wouldn’t touch the job, we finally thought to give them a call. It was towards the end of the day and they stopped what they were doing and made the trip over within 30 minutes of my phone call. They rearranged their personal schedules because the job was going to take them past closing time, but they did so because they didn’t want us to be without water for another day. We agreed upon a very fair and reasonable price and within a few hours we had water again. I wish this company was in other fields as well, because this type of customer service and care is really hard to find.
Shari Graham
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I called and spoke Sherry which is so knowledgeable in this field and so sweet to talk to .I am confident I am with the best company to have my test done with. Having Back Flow Prevention Device Tested for Water Company Program and SC Dept. Of Health & Environmental Control . Sherry had a referral I needed for another situation I had too . I’m so glad I CALLED THEM TODAY!!

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