Backflow Inspections

The purpose of any backflow inspection is to determine whether or not whatever you’re inspecting is currently meeting an industry standard or meeting a minimum requirement set forth by a governing body.

The drinking water industry is no different; there are standards that are set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States and therefore required of the states to meet these set minimum standards. These minimum drinking water standards were established to promote the health of a nation through a series of environmental regulations designed to ensure a safe and clean water supply.

The inspection process for Backflow Prevention Assemblies falls under the purview of the local water authority from whom you receive your water from. The local water authority must comply with its state Safe Drinking Water Act. The program in most states is called Cross Connection Control Programs. 

Local Cross Connection Control Programs are the compliance portion to which the state looks to see if that particular water authority is in compliance through what’s commonly referred to as a Sanitary Survey.

Backflow prevention assemblies are mechanical assemblies that are engineered and designed to only allow the flow of water to go only in one direction with a redundant protection factor built in as well. In South Carolina, there are three acceptable types of backflow prevention assemblies, the Double Check Valve Assembly, the Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly, and the Pressure Vacuum Breaker. 

Each of these assemblies is designed to protect the public water supply from contamination from the reverse flow of water known as back siphonage or back pressure. The degree of hazard posed by any given facility dictates which backflow prevention assembly is appropriate. This determination is made by a licensed and qualified person usually from within the water authorities’ employment or another licensed and qualified person from another entity. This would usually be an engineering firm or a specialty company such as Carolina Backflow Specialties, Inc.

In South Carolina, public water systems require an annual inspection of the backflow prevention assembly and the inspection results be submitted to the water authority of record for the specific location.

Carolina Backflow is South Carolina’s trusted expert on all matters relating to backflow inspections. We provide our services through our highly trained and educated staff of field technicians backed up by some of the best office professionals in the industry. When you call Carolina Backflow, we don’t expect you to be greeted by an automated system, you will be greeted by one of our office professionals with courtesy and respect.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Jeremy Williamson
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I'm very glad I found this company. We needed to get a backflow test per the water company, so I checked a few companies and they had the best price by far. Everyone I talked to was extremely nice and professional. The technician pointed out that we might need service next year but did not pressure me whatsoever to do anything now (even though he easily could have), so I appreciated that. With such a good price, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they also file the paperwork with the city. Needless to say, I highly recommend them!
Paul S
Forest Acres
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11 out of 10: These folks helped our family when we had been without water for a few days. After calling a couple companies that wouldn’t touch the job, we finally thought to give them a call. It was towards the end of the day and they stopped what they were doing and made the trip over within 30 minutes of my phone call. They rearranged their personal schedules because the job was going to take them past closing time, but they did so because they didn’t want us to be without water for another day. We agreed upon a very fair and reasonable price and within a few hours we had water again. I wish this company was in other fields as well, because this type of customer service and care is really hard to find.
Shari Graham
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I called and spoke Sherry which is so knowledgeable in this field and so sweet to talk to .I am confident I am with the best company to have my test done with. Having Back Flow Prevention Device Tested for Water Company Program and SC Dept. Of Health & Environmental Control . Sherry had a referral I needed for another situation I had too . I’m so glad I CALLED THEM TODAY!!

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